Bid Specialist (Tenders)

Position Summary

The Bid Specialist is responsible for managing customer proposal requests and coordinates company bids. He creates solutions and develop strategies while complying with customer requirements in order to achieve the ultimate goal of securing winning bids.
A Bid Specialist’s role is to ensure that bids are successful at a price at which the organization can make a profit.

Key Responsibilities/Duties


  • Identifying opportunities on which to submit bids and feeding into the decision over whether to bid for the work
  • Devising a successful strategy for winning a bid, including pinpointing the unique selling points of our company, knowing our company’s operating and profit margins and understanding the clients’ specific requirements
  • Researching, writing and/or checking market proposals
  • Working with key members of our and the client’s teams to obtain the information required to compile the bid
  • Assessing and addressing the technical and commercial risks relating to the potential tenders
  • Managing budgets and/or tracking costs
  • Researching current and future market trends
  • Responding to clients’ and other stakeholders’ queries before, during and after the bid has been submitted
  • Overseeing the bid process and making sure deadlines are met

Required skills (Education, experience, languages, and abilities)


  • Education: BSc in Commerce or equivalent
  • Experiences: 3 years’ experience in bidding & tenders in Turkey
  • Languages: English, Arabic, and Turkish
  • Other abilities:
    • Having an extensive sales experience
    • Showing an understanding of the bid process
    • Obtaining proposal management experience
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Strong knowledge of local business practices and legal processes
    • Demonstrated ability to perform independently with minimal supervision

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