Organizing Conferences and Events

Her türlü seminer, sempozyum, konferans gibi toplantılarınız için yaratıcı çözümleri ve ayrıntılardaki titizliğiyle değişik büyüklükteki uluslararası ve yerel organizasyonlarda kendisini kanıtlamış olan kadromuz, sizlere planlama aşamasından raporlama aşamasına kadar kalite ve güvenceyle aşağıdaki hizmetleri sunar;
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Organizasyonun kurumsal kimliğini oluşturma
Organizasyona ilişkin web sitesi hazırlama ve yönetme
Her türlü basılı malzemelerin grafik düzenlemesi, basımı, dağıtımı
Organizasyon öncesi duyuruların elektronik posta ile gönderilmesi
Organizasyon katılımcılarının kayıtlarının takibi, tasnifi ve teyitlerinin yapılması
Organizasyon katılımcılarına en uygun fiyat ve bağlantılı uçak biletleri sağlama
Organizasyon mekanlarının düzenlenmesi, dekorasyonu
Yüksek eğitimli, genç, yabancı dil bilen, prezentabel host ve hosteslerin bulunması ve eğitimi
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Organizing Conferences and Events

Organizing conferences and events is one of the most exciting and innovative ways to deliver communicational messages to institutions and organizations, whether for the purpose of launching a new product or service or for the purpose of collecting donations and showing achievements, but the management and planning of events remains one of the most complex areas and details in detail due to the huge number of tasks and actions to be taken and coordination to provide and complete them, we can develop and implement conferences and innovative activities to generate the required impact of the audiences.

This type of services requires extensive experiences in the management of exhibitions and conferences in a modern style distinguished to the global style which adopted by largest companies in the world, 2P seeks through its specialized team and expert in organizational affairs for exhibitions and conferences to ensure all the mechanisms of implementation of the event, which the client requests professionally and High efficiency, starting with the desire of the client to establish the client’s event and conduct a special study of it, through which to discuss the appropriate timing, the target audience and the axes that will be on the event in addition the long-term and short-term objectives and the message that should be delivered to the audience through the establishment.

The study of organizing conferences is represented by basic services, which are:

تخطيط و تنظيم المؤتمرات و دراسة الميزانية و افكار التسويق وكافة الأمور المتعلقة بالمؤتمر

Planning For Conference:

Planning and organizing conferences through research with a client about objectives that the client seeks to achieve from that event, the nature of the target audience, the expected number of attendees, the budget that a client monitored to implement an event and how to finance the event, his ideas about marketing, the level of official representation etc. here we start in working on producing a perfect plan including implementation proposals, time schedule, technical requirements and financial costs with providing different options available from suppliers and service providers who can provide the required services, which can turn the idea of the client from idea to reality.

Design Corporate Identity For Conferences:

Design and implement the corporate identity for the event, create website for the event, sending posts and promotional messages for target audience, while ensuring appropriate media coverage through the audio, visual, and new media. This service is one of the important services which cannot separate it on other important services, as it is the general nature of the event, which is explained briefly about the objectives and vision of those who are responsible on the event, as it makes a brand image in the thought of each recipient, which makes the recipient more interested and excited to interact with it.

تنظيم المؤتمرات و تصميم وتنفيذ الهوية البصرية للمؤتمر وإنشاء موقع الكتروني خاص به وارسال النشرات والرسائل الترويجية للجمهور
تنظيم المؤتمرات و تجهيز وتنسيق مكان عقد المؤتمر، الصالة والمنصة الرئيسية

Booking And Preparing A Place Of Conference:

Preparing all services that are related to a conference from a hall, a main stage, where a place that should takes an event, it must be suitable with a type of event, and consistent with a good taste that makes the event important and psychological comfort to the audience, where we have many options to set up the best place for the conference to enhance the image of our customers.

Preparing Photographic And Sound Equipment:

providing all services that are related to photographic equipment, by using the best equipment in this field to ensure the quality of the photo taken, and provide a comfortable lighting that helps the operators to highlight their activities in an optimal manner.

تنظيم المؤتمرات و تأمين أجهزة الصورة وتجهيزات الإضاءة والمعدات اللازمة لتغطية المؤتمر
التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع الالكتروني وتوزيع روابطه وتحسين ترتيبه في غوغل و اعلانات في مواقع الانترنت ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

Photography, Television broadcasting and the Internet:

Photography, satellite television and the Internet, this service is certainly cannot ignore it, because it is the main way of transmitting the event outside the stage in which it was held, especially in the era of media congestion we are witnessing today, and the level of developments we are witnessing, which we should be partners in all available forms.

Interpretation Of Conference:

This service is geared towards a multicultural and multilingual audience, since it is not possible to ignore categories that do not speak the language on which the event depends. Rather, it is important to pay attention to those who are interested in following up on this event by conveying the events in the language and the picture they understand , In a distinguished and professional manner.

Media Coverage and Documentation:

The importance of this service in the ways of activating media coverage of the event, Depending on the latest methods chosen carefully that will be the best choice for delivering the audience’s opinion on what happened at that event.

The interest of this service is a great priority for 2P as the organizer and operator of these events, which requires outstanding efforts to ensure the show and implementation in professional way, to meet client’s desire and satisfy client’s ambition.

We are at 2P, we have a strong CV of previous work in the field of conferences and we trust our clients’ experience in providing professional services and handling the most accurate and complex details that lead to the success of conferences and events.

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