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With Internet penetration increasing to nearly half of the world’s population, digital marketing has become through the Internet, new media, and social media is one of the most important ways of spreading to ambitious companies. Which is the real key to achieving the objectives of companies and institutions and profit-taking. It is also a tool to identify the desires and needs of customers and the work of marketing research in realm of virtual reality as 61% of Internet users in the world are looking for products and services over the Internet.

Therefore, we believe in the importance of the new media in our time, which has become one of the direct and effective ways to communicate with the audience, we provide our clients with a variety of services from the processing of new media platforms from the website and pages of institutions and organizations on social networks and development and the manufacture of digital content in addition to many of services of monitoring and analysis channels of social communication, and in the face of competing advertising and marketing ways, the strength of social media shows in highlighting brands, creating relationships with customers and offering various marketing campaigns to our customers.

Digital marketing services including:

التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع على محركات البحث و تصميم وتطوير مواقع الانترنت

Design and Develop websites:

The website reflects the credibility of your company or institution and is the main source of information about your products and services which your company provide.
The website development team at 2P provides a full range of services that include all phases of website design and development, from programming to graphic design and textual content consistent with the requirements of different search engines, ensuring you have an effective and easy to use website designed at high levels of Technology and security, to be the ideal platform to connect with your online audience.
Our services include the development of knowledge websites for organizations and institutions in multiple languages, in addition, to develop e-commerce websites and services websites, relying on the latest technologies in developing the websites through the best programming languages and hosting platforms and providing technical support services around the clock.

Managing Social Media Platforms:

2P team works on how to design and manage social media platforms in a perfect way of all kinds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snape Chat, YouTube) for organizations, individuals and public figures to serve the aspirations and objectives of customers in communicating with their audience.
Our services build and manage social networking sites, build strategies, create and prepare content for social networks of all types, visual and interactive, and posting this content and interact with the public through comments and observations, in addition to the preparation of regular analytical reports on public performance and interaction with the audience.
We also provide a reputation monitoring service through social networks where organizations and institutions use this smart service to determine what is being said about their organization was positive or negative as well as what is said about their goods or everything that can affect them, which helps the organization to track the popularity of their campaigns and the discovery of the extent Their popularity on social networking sites as well as the knowledge of comments and comments and how the public respond to what they publish.

التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع على محركات البحث و التسويق عبر منصات التواصل الاجتماعي
التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع على محركات البحث و حملات التسويق عبر البريد الالكتروني

Email Marketing Campaigns:

E-mail marketing is an essential way to communicate and market in the business world, targeting specific markets, and perform cost-effective marketing. Studies have shown that 91% of customers browse their E-mail daily and 66% of online sales have been through cross-marketing E-mail.

In this field, 2P team seeks to identify the postal addresses of the audiences that the client needs and to prepare postal campaigns that correspond to the client’s marketing aspirations.

E-Marketing helps you to understand your customer’s response to marketing campaigns, by giving you the ability to develop and modify your marketing campaign according to your customers’ responses.

E-mail marketing campaigns distinguished in many features that most other advertising media do not offer, and that makes it a distinctive and an important advertising, especially if an advertising about product or service with many details or in case you need to advertise a range of services or products in single advertising message, because it produces an unlimited space for an advertiser to offer all the details about the service or product advertised whether text content or images, as well as the possibility to direct advertising’s future to a specific web page to see more details and information about the product or service or even about a facility providing the service.

Improved ranking within the global search engines SEO:

According to the statistics of 2016, 6 billion and 586 million searches are conducted online every day and the share of the search engine Google is 68% of these operations, Internet users when they use the search engines are looking for the services, products and information that may be available on your website or your accounts on Social networks.

Therefore, digital content of your website, social networking accounts, or organization will not fulfill its desired goals unless targeted customers can reach it through search engines.

Here’s 2P digital marketing team’s mission to increase traffic to your website by improving its visibility on natural search results pages on search engines using SEO techniques and tools designed to make your website easier to search through research conducted by users for the services and products provided by your organizations.

التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع الالكتروني وتوزيع روابطه وتحسين ترتيبه في غوغل ومحركات البحث العالميةSEO
التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع الالكتروني وتوزيع روابطه وتحسين ترتيبه في غوغل و اعلانات في مواقع الانترنت ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

Managing online advertising campaigns and social networks:

The rapid development of digital media has created new opportunities and new fields of advertising and marketing, which conducted to accelerate growth of digital marketing. By the end of 2016, the amount of online advertising spending in the Middle East was $ 5.6 billion. Online advertising and social networking sites have great advantages in promoting Products, services, and delivery of advertising messages to the right audience and interact with them.

Therefore, we work in 2P through our creative team to design creative ideas for advertising and advertising campaigns to serve promotional messages to be communicated to the audience and to post these ads in major websites and news and social platforms in addition to social networking platforms commensurate with objectives of our marketing customers and their target audience in the advertisement.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile phone users are increasingly becoming an integral part of everyday life, offering a great opportunity to promote your services and products to your potential customers anywhere in the world at all times by developing and designing mobile ads and app ads. .

At 2P, we manage mobile marketing campaigns that begin with ad concept and design, target customer segments, send messages and end up with ads performance and visitors turning to potential or actual customers, thereby ensuring the best results from increasing traffic on your website or app. , Which ultimately reaches all required returns.

التسويق الرقمي و اشهار الموقع الالكتروني وتوزيع روابطه وتحسين ترتيبه في غوغل و الترويج عبر رسائل SMS

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